You are spotting are you pregnant?

Answer Answer Yes,mostlikely,asthat is acommon sign of pregnancy.

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If have been spotting brown and bleeding then after almost a week of spotting you start cramping are you pregnant or did you have a miscarriage?

Answer im 16 and i was supposed to start my period a couple weeks ago and i never did now i am spotting brown blood i was wondering if anyone could tell me what that means

Are you pregnant if your spotting?

Most likely, i had my spotting while i was having sex, it was a light pink bleeding and i though i got my period. it went away within 2 days and came back randomly another time. I googled it and it... Read More »

Can spotting mean you are pregnant?

Either that , or your birth control isn't wroking right for you. It also depends on where you're spotting like at what point in the month on ur pill pack .

Could spotting mean you are pregnant?

Spotting could be a sign of pregnancy but it could also be due to other things such as hormonal imbalance.In addition, if you are on birth control, your flow could possibly become lighter or you co... Read More »