You are only 12 and you think you might be pregnant what do you do?

Answer Answer Go to someone that won't be so angry, hopefully your own mother, and tell her what is going on. If you can't do this, go to a friend's mother. What ever you do, don't wait to long.

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Is it possible to think that you are pregnant and have the symptoms only because you think you are pregnant?

%REPLIES% Answer It can happen because you are thinking about all the symptoms and trying to find them that you can "see" them even if they aren't really there. And PMS symptoms can be a lot like ... Read More »

What kind of sickness do you have when you think you might be pregnant?

Answer Hello.Pregnancy is not a sickness hun. I'm not sure what you mean by sickness however. But being sick during pregnancy is called morning sickness. If you think you are pregnant then do a pre... Read More »

If you think you might be pregnant?

Answer Go get an at home test or make an appoinment with your doctor for a blood test the sooner you find out if your pregnant the more options you have you can abort (which I hope is not your dec... Read More »

......I think I might be pregnant?

Oh I cant wait to see your sweet little baby crab,crab young :)