You are constructing a chain link fence you have a 4 feet gate how far apart do you place the posts for the gate?

Answer AnswerIt is not an exact science. When I built mine I measured from where the post would be sitting on the hinge side to where I needed the post to sit so that the gate closer would hit it right. T... Read More »

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How to Measure for a Chain Link Gate?

Placing a chain link fence around your property will protect your family, pets and the general public. Some insurance agents will even give you a discount on your homeowner's insurance for having t... Read More »

Should you use concrete on chain link fence posts?

On One Hand: Technically Cement is Not RequiredTechnically, no fence post, including chain link fence posts, require concrete reinforcement to stand. Installing each fence post is simply a matter o... Read More »

Are chain link fence posts galvanized?

Yes, chain link fence posts are galvanized. Galvanized chain link fencing and fence posts are protected by a layer of zinc so that rust or any other corrosion cannot stick to the material.Reference... Read More »

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