You are a shrub?

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Is the cactus a shrub?

No, the cactus isn't a shrub. A shrub is a woody form of vegetation. The cactus is an albeit unusual member of the herbaceous forms of vegetation.

How to Care for a Yew Shrub?

The yew shrub is one of the most popular evergreen plants grown in the backyard landscape, according to West Virginia University. This is due to the shrub's hardy nature and low maintenance needs, ... Read More »

How to Prepare a Shrub Bed?

A shrub bed can be prepared the easy way or the hard way. Why not do it the easy and environmentally friendly way?

How to Transplant a Shrub?

If you have a shrub in the wrong place of your garden, transplanting it to another spot might be just the answer to your problem. It's a winter or early spring task (after thaw), as cooler weather ... Read More »