You are a Pakistani you need a child for adoption that child must be Pakistani?

Answer yes as Pakistan is a Muslim country you should be Muslim

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Can a English person adopt a Pakistani child?

Mothers who PUT their child up for ADOPTION! would you be curious to where that child is today!?

Of course birth mothers wonder about the child they have given up.I was just 14 when I gave my daughter up for adoption and not one day has passed where I haven't thought about her and have always ... Read More »

Is the welfare of the child more important than the right of the biological parents who have given that child up for adoption?

Answer Yes, the welfare of the child always comes first and thank God for that! Children are not dolls you take off a shelf and dust off to play with, but little human beings that need to be loved... Read More »

You must place a child in an integrated child seat if the child is Under nine years of age?

We do not encourage anyone to temper with the security features of the seat belts. They are put there for your safety.