You are 9 weeks pregnant what should you eat?

Answer If you are in a well ventilated area then yes- it is fine to pain nails :) mine are bright pink!

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What symptoms should you expect if you are six weeks pregnant?

Answer The First Trimester(Week 1 - Week 12) * Your period is absent, or you may spot slightly when your period would have been expected or when the fertilized egg implants the uterus. * You... Read More »

Im 38 weeks pregnant what should you do to go into labor?

I've tried it all... my #1 recommendation is walking. Lots of walking! Castor oil only messes you up, sex can soften the cervix, but walking helps everything right along :)

What symptoms should you have when 7 weeks pregnant?

Some people don't have any symptoms when they are only 7 weeks pregnant! However the usual symptoms are a missed period, breat tenderness and nausea. Sometime's you can experience all of these or j... Read More »

Im 13 and 14 weeks pregnant and alredy having contractions what should I do?

Most likely they're "Braxton Hicks contractions" which are kind of like "practice" contractions. Especially if they stop if you change positions or move around a bit. Either way, it's a good idea ... Read More »