You are 7 weeks pregant and you have had an US twice each time the US was done the gestational sac was foud but the could not locate the crown-rump and detected no heart beat your HCG are in the thous?

Answer Answer Patience! It really depends on the position of the sac and the ability of the US. At seven weeks the sac is the size of a grain of rice - it is tiny!You need to test your HCG levels over ... Read More »

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Can you hear a heart beat at 2 weeks?

No typically the heart does not start beating until 6 weeks, but the way pregnancy is measured at "2 weeks pregnant" you aren't even pregnant yet, since most women ovulate 2 weeks after the first d... Read More »

Is a heart beat of 107 bad for being exactly 6 weeks pregnant?

Answer Not at all. The baby has a slower heartbeat when it is forming, don't you worry it will more than likely skyrocket up to somewhere between 120-170 in the next couple weeks :)Starting at week... Read More »

Im 7 weeks pregnant and my baby has no heart beat is this bad?

Well to be honest with you honey, it may be. I went a couple of weeks back to get an u/s because I was spotting and they checked and I got to hear the heartbeat it was beautiful that being said I w... Read More »

Abnormal heart beat at 9 weeks pregnant please help?

Check the resting pulse rate. Pregnancy may cause slight increase in the pulse rate. If it exceeds 100 beats per minute, consult a cardiologist for detailed investigation.