You are 40 weeks you are leaking some fluids what is it?

Answer It possibly could be the waters from the amniotic sac which holds the baby. Sometimes these will not rupture with a burst, but slowly leak from in front of the baby's head. If labor does not start ... Read More »

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Amniotic fluids leaking?

if your water hasn't broke by now, at least call your dr. or er & explain to them what is going on. congrats! i love babies!!

Leaking amniotic fluids?

When I was in hospital before I had Will I actually met two women who had this happen to them. One was carrying twins and went on to have a c/s ten weeks later, the other stayed in hospital the who... Read More »

I'm 26 weeks pregnant and i have yellow liquid leaking from my breasts what is it?

This yellow liquid is the first of your breast milk. You can buy pads for your bra to catch it and keep your clothes clean. Go to the baby section of wal-mart and you will find alot of things there... Read More »

weeks with leaking amniotic fluid?

If you know it's definitely your water, then I would try to encourage contractions to start more regularly on their own. Since you're doing a VBAC, you obviously know that Pitocin is generally not ... Read More »