You are 36 weeks and might have a water infection what will happen?

Answer Answer You might go into preterm labor. Not too serious for the baby at this stage, but get it treated as it may go up to your kidneys which could be serious for you.

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What will happen to the baby if you have x ray during 3 weeks pregnancy?

Well it really depends on what type of x ray you are talking about. If its a major one like a ct scan or mri it may cause some difficulties, but not for certain. I work as a dental assistant, we ta... Read More »

What will happen to you if you have been bleeding for 3 weeks and you are 4 months pregnant?

If the bleeding is light and the baby is growing properly there is probably little concern. If the bleeding becomes heavy or you begin passing clots notify your OB immediately. I am assuming your d... Read More »

You are 38 weeks pregnant and been on medication since 16 weeks to prevent premature labour. the medication has now stopped and you are two centimetres dilated what will happen now?

AnswerShe will probably deliver soon. Good luck to her and God Bless:)AnswerOnce a pregnancy reaches 37 weeks it is considered at term and things are allowed to progress normally. All other thing... Read More »

Might need knee sugery I would like to know what will happen?

Hi Amber,Do you mean what happens during the MRI or during the surgery? For the MRI: Wear athletic type shorts, a sports bra, and a tshirt. Don't wear anything metal including earrings. You'll get ... Read More »