You are 33 weeks and 3 days pregnant can you give birth now safely?

Answer A 33 week old fetus has a good chance of surviving, especially if born in a hospital with neo-natal facilities. However, it is far better if the fetus is born at full term, as the lungs have still ... Read More »

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How many weeks is the earliest you can safely give birth?

AnswerA term pregnancy is between 37 and 42 weeks form the start of the last period, that is 35-40 weeks from conception.The earlier a baby is born before this the more dangerous it is.Most babies ... Read More »

How many weeks do you have to be pregnant for before you can give birth?

They say 40 is full term because contraception which is like two weeks counts as part of your term. But in all actuality it is 38. Anything over is getting dangerous because your placenta stops pro... Read More »

I am 32 weeks pregnant and you are 1 centimer and 80 ephased what does this mean Am you going to give birth early?

Answer No this does not mean that you are going to give birth early many women walk around dialated up to 3 centimeters and effaced in there first pregnancy without giving birth until there due da... Read More »

Im 20 weeks pregnant and travel 80kms a day on road Will that affect the baby and can I continue till you give birth?