You are 18 your girlfriend is 16 is it legal for us to have sex?

Answer Please ask again and tell us what state you're in. Some states make it legal & others don't.

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How do you adopt your girlfriend's kids after their father lost all legal parental rights?

Answer I am sure it is different in each state, but in Michigan I know that you must be married for 6 months before the courts will allow you to adopt your spouses kids. I don't believe you can ado... Read More »

If you're 16 years old and live in Alabama and your girlfriend is 15 years old and 7 months pregnant what are your legal options if your mother will not give consent for marriage but hers will?

Answer None. Alabama does have an early emancipation statute, Alabama Code Title 26-Chapter 13. However, it only applies to minors who are over the age of 18, as the age of majority for the state ... Read More »

Can you get in trouble if you are 18 and get your girlfriend who is 15 pregnant but you are going to stay with and help support your girlfriend and the baby?

Answer If the legal age of consent in your state/country is more than 15years of age, then it is unlawful sexual intercourse and this is a criminal offence. Your age can mitigate the response of th... Read More »

How to Stop Being an Overly Jealous Girlfriend and Start Being the Best Girlfriend?

Do you find yourself getting nagging feelings of jealousy when your partner is talking to other girls? Do you worry that you’re smothering the relationship with your fears? To stop being an overl... Read More »