You are 17 and your boyfriends 21 you are pregnant can you get in trouble?

Answer You won't, but your boyfriend can be charged with statutory rape.

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In Georgia if your 16 your boyfriends 18 and your pregnant can you get married without your parents consent?

If your 17 and you get pregnant by a guy who is 22 but your parents know you guys are together can they get him into trouble in the delivery room?

Answer yes & no. Answer It DOES depend where you live and the laws, HOWEVER, no matter what, if your parents are okay with you being with him and they are AWARE of you to obviously being in a serio... Read More »

Does sperm still look the same when being discharged if you are pregnant and have sex The other day your boyfriends was rather foamy and you were wondering if that's normal?

Answer foamy is just the force of the ejaculation---- no change in sperm appearance when getting pregnant joymaker rn

Will your 18 year old boyfriend get in trouble if you're 15 and pregnant?

Answer I don't think he will get in trouble as long as your parents are OK with the whole thing and don't want to turn him in. As long as no one turns him in for sleeping with a minor, then things... Read More »