You are 16 and you have a 6 inch penis is that big and can anyone beat it?

Answer I'm sorry, but that's average for a young man. Size doesn't matter. trust me. that's not important. What is important is you wrap it up. but for a young man non erected that's about normal

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Is a ten inch penis bad or great?

I'm 14 and have a 13 inch penis, is this normal?

Congratulations! You're the 134,223th teenager today to claim that they have an unnaturally large penis!

Can a baby be born with a 3 inch penis?

very unlikely flaccid but yea they can have a 3 inch erection

Is a 3 and a half inch penis normal for a 14-year-old when soft?

Yes. You sound perfectly normal. Now be sure that you if you decide to have sex. :)  yes, It is actually normal for most grown men  That's probably quite normal. If I tell you to not worry abou... Read More »