You are 13 and pregnant will your pregnancy be difficult?

Answer It could be harder than a pregnancy if you had been older and fully developed, but it will not neccessarily be harder

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Will having an ovarian cyst make it more difficult to become pregnant or harm the baby if you are already pregnant?

Answer Yes it can cause complications. If you are not yet pregnant and still trying to conceive talk to your doctor about having it removed before trying to do so if you are already pregnant your d... Read More »

How difficult is it to get pregnant?

On One Hand: Pregnancy Is LikelyBetween 85 to 90 percent of healthy, reproductive-age couples can conceive naturally after one year of trying. According to, women under 35 should c... Read More »

Could she be pregnant if i used a condom and she used birth control and the pregnancy test was negative but she has missed her period and is having symptoms of pregnancy?

It is very unlikely that she is pregnant if you used a condom and birth control

What are some symptoms of pregnancy and how can you tell if you are pregnant without taking any pregnancy test?

symptoms of pregnancy missed menstrual period nausea, with or without vomiting food aversions or food cravings fatigue frequent urination breast changes and breast tenderness new sensitivity or fe... Read More »