You are 13 and pregnant what shall you do?

Answer Talk to your mom and ask her to take you to the doctor who will present you with your choices. Keeping it, adoption or abortion. The choice is yours and only yours.

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Im pregnant what shall I do?

See a trusted adult advisor for some advice.

I am married and i dont want be pregnant now what shall i do?

well obviously just use a condom and do it all the time as much as you like

Im 14 and pregnant what shall you do your baby'z dad lives 300 miles away and you dont speak?

Answer You should find a way to talk to him and with him living that far away you cant really talk face to face so on the phone or email. Maybe email him and tell him you need to talk to him and it... Read More »

What shall i do?

Please, cut your hair short. You may also want to consider waxing your offense, just a suggestion. Shorter hair was definately hotter on you. It was already brought up, but donate you... Read More »