You and your aunt had sex what should you do?

Answer Nope.

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You live with your aunt and you have to share a room with your girl c and whenever she is in your room she is naked or in underwear she has sex while you try to sleep your aunt dosent belive you what?

Try to ignore it. Her behavior is her mother's and her business, not yours. We understand that this is a difficult situation for you, but continuing to complain will only make it worse. You have do... Read More »

What should you do your aunt has rubbed your dick?

How could all of your cousins have an aunt who is not your aunt?

Your cousin's Aunt (who isn't your aunt) would be YOUR MOTHER. Or, if your cousins were related to you by their mother's side then an aunt on their father's side wouldn't be your aunt. And vice ve... Read More »

What is the relationship between your second cousin and your aunt?

You can have second cousins who are not related to your aunt. If the two are related, it is because they are both descended from one person who is one of your great grandparents.If they are related... Read More »