Yorkie House Training Tips?

Answer Yorkshire terriers are an independent, free-spirited, feisty breed of dog, which makes house training them not the easiest task. When potty training your Yorkie, your goal has to be to make it unde... Read More »

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Tips for How to Introduce a Baby Female Yorkie to Another Female Yorkie?

Weighing in at less than 7 pounds on average, female Yorkshire terriers are oblivious to their small size. Like the males of their breed, they are courageous, stubborn, outgoing and bold. Bred to h... Read More »

Yorkie Care & Training?

Yorkshire terriers, or "Yorkies," are toy-sized dogs that have become popular house pets because of their big personalities and convenient size. Though small, these dogs have long coats that requir... Read More »

Information on Training a Yorkie?

The mistake many owners make when purchasing a Yorkshire terrier is thinking they are purchasing a low-energy lapdog. Telling your friends that you're adopting a "Yorkie," as they're often called, ... Read More »

Yorkie Terrier Cage Training?

Yorkies, or Yorkshire terriers, are lively, inquisitive dogs that make excellent apartment companions. They are known for their intelligence and occasionally for their willfulness, and cage trainin... Read More »