Yogurt Vanilla Pudding Or Jello Which from this list do u like better?

Answer >Vanilla Pudding, and I wished it didn't take almost two weeks to find out who gets the 10 points on your questions.

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Yogurt Jello Or Rice Pudding Which from this list do you like better?

Oh Scooter my dear friend I love rice pudding and I have not had a good one since my grandmother passed away over 40 years ago. Good golly I need to try and make some I am a chef... I know I canno... Read More »

Chocolate Pudding Chocolate Covered Strawberries Vanilla Ice Cream Which from this list so u like better?

I make Chocolate covered strawberries often,love them so much.

How to Use Vanilla Pudding in Corn Pudding?

Combining corn and vanilla pudding makes for a savory treat. Taken separately, corn pudding and vanilla pudding have many identical ingredients -- including eggs, milk, salt, butter and sugar. The ... Read More »

Pudding or jello?

I LOVE chocolate pudding! That was my #1 craving so far in this pregnancy. Its really good with ice cream. :)I am not the biggest fan of jello, but I do like it with mandarine oranges in it. I don'... Read More »