Yg pd tw all abouts xkul anmsi msk sni uk!?

Answer First off, mind to type with the correct spelling? Thanks.Xkul itu sekolah apa ekskul? Sekolah animasi? Kalo baca your next questions, kayaknya maksudnya untuk kuliah ya.Kalo scholarship pasti ada,... Read More »

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Hows abouts some nostalgia R&P?

My brother, he was an accomplished pianist. After he died I almost expected the piano in my parents house to start playing itself. That house always seemed too quiet after he was gone.

Are We ready for the HUGE upcoming market turnaround; say, The Latest, by the 23rd of October or abouts [;-)]?

In mid-September, when the craziness began to surface for real and WAMU was rumored to be among the troubled banks, I went to my very helpful and discreet bank manager at WAMU and asked what to do... Read More »