Yesterday i put hydrogen peroxide on my skin, now its red!?

Answer Hi brittney,Hydrogen peroxide is a rather corrosive chemical, even in low concentrations. For something like removing pimples the theory is that it kills the bacteria inside and the spot will shrin... Read More »

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Hydrogen Peroxide and Skin Fading?

Some people feel a lighter skin tone is more attractive. Others simply want to clear up any problem areas on their skin. Hydrogen peroxide bleaches skin with a dark pigment in order to even out ski... Read More »

Can hydrogen peroxide bleach skin?

On One Hand: Skin DiscolorationHydrogen peroxide causes skin discoloration that could be interpreted as bleaching. Household peroxide--a three-percent solution--causes the skin to appear lighter wh... Read More »

Hydrogen Peroxide and Skin Care?

Hydrogen peroxide has many uses and benefits. It can be bought over the counter and is sometimes referred to simply as peroxide. When bought at the local grocery or drug store, it consists of 97 pe... Read More »

How to Care for Skin Wounds With Hydrogen Peroxide?

Hydrogen peroxide is an odorless, colorless solution that accelerates your body's natural bacteria-fighting powers. Hydrogen peroxide comes in multiple grades -- ranging from 3.0 percent for skin ... Read More »