Yesterday I posted a pretty ignorant question.?

Answer pattiof, I dont think your q was ignorant, you simply asked because you wanted to know, unlike some other people who come here just to criticise us. Im glad you saw those videos. They are all real,... Read More »

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Did you see the question posted by Spreedog yesterday?

I'm glad you posted this question with explanation. I've cried for deaths of friends I've made on this forum, as we've traveled to myspace and then facebook together. It's like losing members of m... Read More »

Question not posted. I asked a Q about a gardening implement and it was not posted. Whats going on?

It seems to be happening to a lot of people today and yesterday. Yahoo has been messing about.As for wands that heat weeds and kill them, I just bought one. They use a gas bottle and are really not... Read More »

Re posted Question PLEASE HELP ME!!!!! With my Computer?

To get back to your DVD/CD drives:Go to Start/Settings/Control Panel, double-click System, go to Hardware/Device Manager.Click on the + before DVD/CD-Rom drives. Right-click on each entry (one for ... Read More »

How do I reply on a question I've posted! On my iPod...?

You can't reply on questions you posted on Yahoo if that's what you mean.