Yester day I fell down a few stairs...?

Answer You should get it checked out

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I fell down the stairs a month ago...?

Hi there. Sorry about your fall. Actually you did not bruise the bone but all the surrounding area. By hitting your leg, you broke all the tiny blood vessels (capilliaries) which bleed into your ... Read More »

Symptoms of a Dog That Fell Down the Stairs?

A dog that has fallen down stairs could exhibit a number of symptoms. Potential injuries may differ based on the height and length of the staircase and the condition and age of the dog at the time ... Read More »

I fell down the stairs and broke 6 legs .......?

at first I thought you were an octopus(,wait?They have 8 legs.haha(:my badd.

I just fell down the stairs and now a bone is sticking out of my arm?

Are you serious? Go to the hospital? Just don't try to touch or bandage it, you might make it worse :S