Yellow stuff on my wound?

Answer Your wound has became infected so you have to ensure to keep it clean with water, no soap or products as that may make it worse.

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I got cut and when it happened before bleeding occured yellow bubble like stuff apped what is the yellow stuf?

My wound on my arm is yellow?

Well, depends. How did you get the wound? Fall off of something? Bumped it? If you did any of those things, then yes, your fine. If its like a bruise then your going to be alright. If it's a scrape... Read More »

Why do I have some yellow stuff in my eye?

You without a doubt must see a Doctor. This could be aninfection. Allergy's. To you it should be a big red sign, Doctor...

What is that yellow stuff that apears when you get a cut?

It's plasma. Human blood is made up of two things: red blood cells and plasma. The blood cells give the blood its red color, but the plasma, or the "yellow stuff," is the actual liquid part of blood.