Yellow line down the middle of my monitor?

Answer That usually indicates a faulty monitor, try it on another PC if you can to make sure but i'd put money on it being the monitor. Yellow line is a common fault on both PC and laptop screens and indi... Read More »

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I have a 1 year old tv w/line down middle of screen why?'s NOT an easy fix....did you forget these TVs have RIBBON CABLES and no solder joints past the X-Y driver ICs?If you're getting a picture, then those drive ICs are recieving their signals a... Read More »

My printer prints a Black Line down the middle?

When i scan a document from my scanner a black line appears straight down the middle?

Clean it again. If you're using the document feeder you will see a speck of dust on the thin spot where the document passes over the scanning head. If you're using the scanning bed then there's eit... Read More »

Can you pump down an AC unit, disconnect the line set, the reconnect line set and it work fine?

yes you can. you just need a set of gauges and a allen key set. i would recommend recruiting some help though as it can get tricky if your doing it by yourself. hook up your gauges first then look ... Read More »