Yellow Jacket Nests in Wood Fences?

Answer Yellow jackets are wasps about 1/2 inches long and yellow or black in color. Known for their aggressive nature, they will fiercely protect their nests by stinging anyone or anything that gets too c... Read More »

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How to Cut Wood for Fences?

If you own a lot of trees and want to use some of them for lumber for projects around your home, you can have them milled into lumber. Either take the rough-cut wood to a saw mill for processing or... Read More »

How do I clean wood fences?

SuppliesGather the supplies you will need: bleach or a wood cleaning solution and a garden hose or a power washer. Mixing one part bleach to two parts water works just as well as a wood cleaner.Cle... Read More »

How do I prevent rot on wood fences?

Remove Anything That Comes In Contact With FenceEliminate vines, bushes or anything else that comes into direct contact with the fence and ensure that any sprinklers in the yard don't spray water o... Read More »

Different Types of Wood Fences?

Wood is a material that has been used for centuries because of its light weight, strength and versatility. The same material that holds up your house can also create a border around your home. A wo... Read More »