Yeast infection a few days before period starts?

Answer I am sorry about your infection but do not worry because there are many remedies to resolve your yeast infection, but it is always good to get medical attention. However, you can take care of this ... Read More »

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Can you have a yeast infection while on your period?

Yes, you can. In fact, many women are more prone to yeast infections before and during their periods because of the hormonal changes that occur at this time. Unfortunately, a doctor cannot properly... Read More »

Can you get pregnant 4 days after your period I have had slight cramping the last couple days I don't think it is an infection bc theres no odor itchingor rash.?

You can only get pregnant during ovulation. But all women ovulate at different times. But it's usually about two weeks before starting your period. So on average the chances of you getting pregnant... Read More »

Is a yeast infection a sign of pregnancy if it replaces a missed period?

Answer A yeast infection or the treatment for it have nothing to do with missing a period. If you missed a period you should take a home test or go see a doctor to find out if you are pregnant.

What does it mean if you get your period six days late and it starts out with a light pink color?

Answer It probably just means you were late this month. I am normally a very regular person and I was late two months in a row, for no reason. If you are worried, call your doctor, but if you had... Read More »