Yeah am fourth grade?

Answer Yes...if you're in 4th grade, you should be done with preschool by now.Hope that answered your question. Not sure what else it might have meant. If you want to rephrase it, or add more details, I... Read More »

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Yeah yeah yeah blah blah blah just tell me answers don't say I shouldn't you'd be wasting your time!?

Cool deal! you tell them! I hate those long answers! But with that diet you will die. Good luck

Yeah, ive got a question, and yeah i guess it deals with rock music maybe a little?

Hi Zacharoo. Rudimentary Peni - Radio Schizo…

How to Be Cool in the Fourth Grade?

Coolness is not about looks or money, being cool is about having the self -confidence to be yourself. People who are happy with themselves naturally make others feel at ease and receptive to their ... Read More »

How to Be Popular in Fourth Grade?

Hi! Are you in fourth grade? If you are, this is a great year for you, but I`m warning you, as your hormones change, so will you! In a good way. Just be yourself, and don't let anyone tell you diff... Read More »