Yalumba Cask Wine:-)?

Answer If the winery has cask the wine is the same as the bottled versions. All wines have some sulphate because the yeast makes it. The Yalumba organic wines should not have any ADDED sulphate. Give them... Read More »

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Is the Cask of Amontillado real?

What is the tone in 'The Cask of Amontillado'?

The tone is sinister and horror.The theme is revenge. In the story, Poe inserts a line that says "No one harms me with impunity". That alone alludes to vengeance, and if you mix that with the concl... Read More »

Does a wine that cost $ 50 make it any better then a wine for $5 a bottle?

In general, YES.It has to do with how the grape is grown and how the wine is made. Price of the wine (from the winery's recommended price) is not a matter of how rare it is or good it taste; it i... Read More »

If I put one cup of red cooking wine into beef stew will you be able to taste the wine?

No, the alcohol cooks off. The wine will enhance the flavor.