Yahoo/chat rooms?

Answer hmmm may be u can try a older yahoo + try looking at seting up the pc so he can use only the mesger

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How to Decorate Living Rooms, Dining Rooms & Kitchens?

Decorating a combined living room, dining room and kitchen area--sometimes called a great room--requires more planning than if the rooms were separated to avoid having decor that clashes in a large... Read More »

Do people still use formal dining rooms as dining rooms?

We have a dining room we eat in every night, though it's not very formal - nor is anything else in the house for that matter. If I did have a beautiful house, it would certainly have a gorgeous din... Read More »

Does aim have chat rooms and how do you get in the chat rooms ?

Add your name to your buddy list, highlight your screen name, then press alt+c and type what chat room you want to enter where it says room name. Chats that are popular include: "Chat, Chat1, Chat2... Read More »

Hidden Rooms?

I have been searching for the same thing and I have not found anything yet. I draw myself and have added my own into plans. If you have kids it is fun to have a playroom that has a secret door. ... Read More »