Yahoo anti-spy scan "cannot quarantine"?

Answer If you are using Vista then do this anytime it won't allow you as an administrator.Go to START...Control Panel...Users....Turn OFF UAC (User Accounts Control...system will want to reboot....Reboot ... Read More »

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I have a letter that I am trying scan onto my computer. Unfortunately, it cannot be read after I scan it.?

If the document is handwritten, there is no way to OCR it. OCr can only ready jpegs images which contain typed letters and not hand-written ones.

How can you tell if a spyware scan or anti virus scan is working or not?

This really depends on the antivirus program. Most antivirus programs will have some sort of status screen where it will show the actual files it is scanning. What antivirus program are you using?

How to Scan Yahoo! Invisible Scan?

Nowadays, people are interested in Yahoo! Invisible Scan. Many want to know who is hiding from them on yahoo messenger. Here is a good yahoo invisible checker.

Why I cannot see my website in google or yahoo etc?

If you want to list your website in google and yahoo. You have to submit your URL in and Before entering your website in google and yahoo ... Read More »