Y&R What do you think of Billy?

Answer I think when Victoria finds out that Billy knew where Victor was and knew he was having difficulty with his health and mind she's going to be so mad at him bad decision on Billy's part, even if he... Read More »

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What Is a Billy Club?

The billy club (also referred to as a truncheon or baton) is a short stick used defensively as a bludgeoning weapon, typically by law enforcement. Billy clubs can be manufactured using wood, plasti... Read More »

Who is Billy Shears?

Billy Shears is a name referenced in The Beatles song "Sgt. Pepper's Lonely Hearts Club Band" off the 1967 album of the same name. Shears is "the name of Paul's replacement" in the "Paul is Dead" c... Read More »

Y&R-What are your thoughts on Billy?

I hated the airplane take-off sounds they did a couple times. It sent me into panic mode for some reason lolI agree it was kind of stupid, but I actually really enjoy the Chloe/Abby fights, I'd lov... Read More »

Y&R Do you like Billy Miller?

Oh YES I will watch the movie tonight!Love Billy Miller!Thanks for the reminder!