YOUR OPINION: Is marijuana addictive?

Answer I don't think marijuana is addictive. I think there are a lot of myths out there about it.I feel the main problem with marijuana is that most people are simply not satisfied with the level of the ... Read More »

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Is Marijuana addictive?

Getting involved with it because others are is no reason to begin smoking. I think it's best to wait until you're in your twenties or even older.It is abusable, like anything, and people do consum... Read More »

How to tell if if your vaporizing your BUD (marijuana) properly in your herbal vaporizer?

Kyle,Welcome to the world of vapors my friend! :) Looks like you got an interesting pipe there with the Palm Vaporizer. I'm not up to par with that vape, but I will fill you in on the answers you a... Read More »

Does a cardiologist s opinion have to be taken as gospel if you disagree with his opinion?

Many people with a history of a heart attack will be prescribed blood pressure medicines. This is not necessarily to treat the diagnosis of hypertension (high blood pressure). People that have ha... Read More »

Gardeners. What insect in your opinion is the biggest threat to your garden?

Probably "aphids". They are the most common insect and most prolific in garden settings. They are not just native to certain areas, but are found in every state, county, and city in the U.S. and ca... Read More »