Y some people said that men cannot take care children?

Answer Men cannot take care children? Oh, no...not really...some men can even do a better job as compare to the female. In fact, it would be better for the children...if in school, the female teacher 'act... Read More »

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I am diabetic and i am advised not to take sugar some people said sweetener is better?

Read this:For type I and type II diabetics... I've found a wonderful book that will help you control your diabetes and minimize or even eliminate the complications. Some folks who became diabetic d... Read More »

Recently some people on facebook said that train company use our cookies to charge us higher, is it true?

1. Train companies use the same idea as the budget airlines, the first X seats are sold cheaply, then the price increases. If you check the price and then return later, it is possible that the las... Read More »

Why do some people think that children should not be their priority?

I've seen this, too. The only way it makes sense to me is if a mother has to dress for success at her job where she doesn't make much money, but even that is flimsy. You can get good stuff without ... Read More »

Why cant some of you realize some people cannot breastfeed!!!?

I agree and think I know which question you are referring to. I noticed all the thumbs down and thought it was absurd. I do plan to breastfeed, but realize that it doesn't work for everyone. I do p... Read More »