Y some people said that men cannot take care children?

Answer Men cannot take care children? Oh, no...not really...some men can even do a better job as compare to the female. In fact, it would be better for the children...if in school, the female teacher 'act... Read More »

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Why is it important for children and young people's learning and development and how can the child care practittioner contribute to planning?

Please learn how to write a proper English sentence, then maybe someone will be able to answer your question.

What special care do children with Down syndrome need in a child-care setting?

If you gave your rights up to your child 10 years ago and their children are in foster care waiting to be adopted can you petition the court to adopt those children?

yes you should be able to adopt the children if you have a stable environment for them

Permaculture and Ethics - Is this our sustainable future - Earth Care, Fair Shares and People Care?

If you have access to the forum please ask for Permaculture as a subcategory under Environment as a separate request or add a comment on this existing oneâ€... Read More »