Y is my MFC-5895CW brother printer print out blank paper?

Answer Printers malfunction sometimes, I know this cause mine does that more than most. Try unplugging it from the wall and plug it back in and restart it. If that doesn't work try updating or restoring t... Read More »

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When my printer print the paper are blank but the ink is full?

If the inks are not empty, go to the printer "properties" then the "service tools" or "utilities" and run a head clean (or 4)If it's an Epson with 1 black and 1 tri-colour cart, use the "chank ink"... Read More »

I have brother-j715w printer, it keep saying paper jam even there was no paper when i try to print or copy?

This is the Brother support site… They will help you. Learn More About Brother PrintersTo learn more about the types of Brother printers and how they can... Read More »

Printer will print blank pages ?

It MAY be, my friend, that there are printing restrictions on the .pdf file. i.e. the author of the .pdf document doesn't want anyone to be able to print it out.You can check this by opening the do... Read More »

Why does my printer, print blank pages When it says i have ink.?

If you haven't used the printer in awhile, the printheads may be clogged with ink. Try running the printhead cleaning utility for the printer to see if that will clear it. If not, take out the cart... Read More »