Y is everyone so obssesed with myspace and if i join will i end up like that 2?

Answer yes myspace is the best

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Hey everyone my mom will not let me have a myspace and all my friends tell me that it is not bad...?

How to Find a Theme for Your Sleepover That Everyone Will Like?

Having a hard time finding a theme for your sleepover? Well this should help you. If you find a good theme everyone should be happy!!!

You feel that if you do not join the marines you will not be honoring the marines that came before you and you feel that you HAVE to join in order to show respect is this a bad reason to join?

Yes. Join the Marines because you want to. If you do not want to join for your own reasons, no one else's reasons are valid. You do not have to live up to anything, certainly not anything others ha... Read More »

What are some foods everyone will like?

Vegetarian spring rolls or rice paper rolls, mini samosas, nori rolls, a vegetarian pasta bake or lasagne, a potato salad, a crisp green salad, a bean salad, spanakopita (cheese and spinach triangl... Read More »