Y do people don't lyk keeping their own pic as their facebook profile pic?

Answer der r many psychological xplanations to dis silly act !!!d best one which all of us can easily understand z--- "the social expressions"v c n xperience dis in every day life. for exa... Read More »

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Can people see if I look at their profile on facebook :/ Sort of worrying a bit x?

Noo.. Not a single way.. there are apps out there which say that check who viewed your profile but none of them works.. So he will never get tto know 'bout thatt....

Why are people changing their profile pictures to cartoons on Facebook?

You people are such fools to think putting some cartoon picture up makes any difference on the awareness. Thats why so many people are questioning why its being done,because when they see it they d... Read More »

Can people on facebook choose to not allow you to see their entire profile?

Do people know when I've viewed their facebook profile?