Y do nerds hve alargys?

Answer That is an over generalized statement. 1- I have been called a nerd and I have no allergies at all.2- With your command of the English language and your atrocious spelling it would appear that you... Read More »

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What are Sci-Fi nerds?

Sci-fi nerds--more commonly, they refer to themselves as sci-fi geeks--are a group of people who obsessively follow one or more fandom(s), such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactic... Read More »

Why do nerds hate wikipedia?

cause they're jealous that wikipedia knows more than they do =D

A question for the computer nerds!!!?

you have to save your photos on your hard drive can do this by:#1 if your pc is equipped with a card reader,just pop in that card and using windows explorer ,transfer your pics from the c... Read More »

OK nerds, help a brother out?

There could be a few reasons for the connection failing, so need a little more info for troubleshooting. One possible reason that comes staright to my mind is that the third party proxy server is b... Read More »