Y do nerds hve alargys?

Answer That is an over generalized statement. 1- I have been called a nerd and I have no allergies at all.2- With your command of the English language and your atrocious spelling it would appear that you... Read More »

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What are Sci-Fi nerds?

Sci-fi nerds--more commonly, they refer to themselves as sci-fi geeks--are a group of people who obsessively follow one or more fandom(s), such as Star Wars, Star Trek, Firefly, Battlestar Galactic... Read More »

OK nerds, help a brother out?

There could be a few reasons for the connection failing, so need a little more info for troubleshooting. One possible reason that comes staright to my mind is that the third party proxy server is b... Read More »

Any computer nerds out their - I need help.?

Thats probably not the best way to ask for help by calling people 'computer nerds'! You can scan and print the pictures yes.

How to Become Friends with the Nerds?

Are you sick of the hanging out with the punks, the popular people, the jocks, etc.? Just want to be friends with the "nerds"? Or do you admire the way they're so hard working and want to be friend... Read More »