Xfinity Wireless Internet?

Answer steps to setup Xfinity Wireless internet...follow the link:…

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Comcast XFinity Internet Performance?

It all depends on the plan that you got. If you got the performance plan then the 12Mbps and 2Mbps is right on track. If you got the blast plan then call them and inform them of the current speeds.... Read More »

Can you have xfinity for internet and direct TV as your TV?

Absolutely! Its what I currently have set up (Xfinity for internet and DirecTV for TV). You would just get a bill from each! --------- If you are thinking about ordering DirecTV and you tell them... Read More »

I have comcast xfinity installed with BLAST internet speed using TECHNICOLOR TC8305C voip modem.?

You should try changing your wifi channel, sounds like you and a neighbor may be on the same channel. A guide on how to do this is here:…Another answer cou... Read More »

I have a hp laptop connected to wireless internet. How do I make my hp laserjet 1300 wireless also?

You need to get a wireless print server or buy a wireless router that also supports wireless printing. You can find a wireless print server for $30 and if you want a router with both it runs about ... Read More »