Xerox 6R960 is non-recyclable by the manufacturer?

Answer Some might consider that good enough reason not to buy a Xerox 6R960.

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Will Xerox Phaser 860 ink work in my Xerox Phaser 850?

You cannot use Xerox Phaser 860 ink in a Xerox Phase 850. The printer cartridges are not the same and using the 860 ink in an 850 can damage your printer, and will not print properly as well. You c... Read More »

Who founded Xerox?

Joseph Chamberlain Wilson, a businessman and graduate of the Harvard Business School, founded Xerox in 1961 when he renamed his father's company, Haloid, which manufactured photographic paper. Wils... Read More »

How to Uninstall a Xerox Driver?

When you use a Xerox network printer, you must install the corresponding driver on the server and possibly the computers that will access the printer. If you upgrade to a new Xerox printer, if an u... Read More »

Who invented the Xerox machine?

Chester Carlson invented the Xerox machine and the field of xerography--the method of photocopying an image by bouncing light rays off of a light sensitive plate--according to the Xerox Corporation... Read More »