Xeriscape Plants in Colorado?

Answer Plants native to Colorado are the best choice for xeriscaping because they have adapted to local conditions, but any plants that require little rainfall and no supplemental water are also appropria... Read More »

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Native Texas Plants for Xeriscape?

Xeriscaping is the gardening art of creating a landscape area that requires less watering and maintenance. This can be achieved with the incorporation of native plants. Native plants can get by wit... Read More »

Common Groundcover Plants for Colorado?

Various common groundcover plants work well in Colorado gardens. Groundcover plants typically grow less than 12 inches in height, and easily spread on their own, according to the Colorado State Uni... Read More »

Wood Stove Pellet Plants in Colorado?

Pellet stoves burn wood pellets instead of split wood. An electric auger feeds a continuous supply of pellets into the stove, allowing the homeowner to fill the hopper and leave the stove untended ... Read More »

How to Xeriscape?

This front yard near Salt Lake City, Utah, requires minimal wateringXeriscaping is a conceptual form of gardening that uses drought-tolerant plants and grasses to beautify a home or business. Xeris... Read More »