Xbox360 through PC to monitor?

Answer That will NOT work.The HDMI port on your PC's motherboard (if you are using integrated graphics) or video card are built to SEND OUT video signals ONLY. They are NOT built to RECEIVE. You can NEV... Read More »

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Help i cant join xbox360 live i have ntl broadband through my phone line with a usb modem?

simple solution is purchase a Ethernet switch. around £10.00 for a 4 port.set up like this. Modem to switch Switch to PCSwitch to XboxProblem solved and happy gamingPS this will also alow to play ... Read More »

My XBOX360 DVD Drive is dead! Can I put one from another XBOX360 into mine?

I don;t see why it would'nt work. Too bad you voided your warranty or you could probably shipped it off and had it fixed for free.

How to Transfer Data From One Xbox360 to a New Xbox360?

The Xbox 360 launched with a 20GB hard drive, but since its initial release, Microsoft has offered video download services, movie rentals, downloadable content and the ability the ability to instal... Read More »

Can someone watch me through my monitor?

Unless your screen has a webcam on it then no you can not be viewed.