Xa964aa driver installation?

Answer To help I would need more information...

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Win 7 installation prblm: No driver found?

Okay don't panic and be calm.Restart the entire procedure as you mentioned, and when your system restarts, remove the usb drive and once the system restarts and you have your windows logo blinking ... Read More »

Printer driver installation aaarrrrggghhh!!!!?

If this is an USB printer, you need to do things a bit differently then with older printers. With some USB driven Printers (and other devices) you may need to load the software from the CD first (... Read More »

Wireless card driver installation on Ubuntu 9.10?

I'm assuming you have the file on your desktop. try this:right click on it, and choose extract here. open the folder it just created, there are two more archives. Not sure what's in the second one... Read More »

Realtek Audio Driver Installation Issues?

On-board sound cards need Realtek Audio drivers to function properly with a computer. Many computers come with the Realtek integrated sound cards. In most cases, the driver installation is a simpl... Read More »