XP vs Vista - your vote?

Answer I'll go for best and funniest.I used XP and hated it for a long time, but familiarity....When I bought a new computer, I chose XP and destroyed it in 3 months, reinstalling (including software and ... Read More »

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Tokio Hotel Family: vote! Vote! VOTE!?

haha when i voted for Bill it was it was86% Bill9% Adam3% neither GO BILL! YAY! haha

[VOTE] Do you use Windows XP, or Windows Vista Did you know there are alternatives?

I have Vista and I like it, it's fine for my needs

Taking a vote on jellies ! Vote now !!?

Of the one's you listed - Red Raspberry Jelly, but I really like Spicy Pear Jelly

Can i have your vote pls?