XP vs Vista - your vote?

Answer I'll go for best and funniest.I used XP and hated it for a long time, but familiarity....When I bought a new computer, I chose XP and destroyed it in 3 months, reinstalling (including software and ... Read More »

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Tokio Hotel Family: vote! Vote! VOTE!?

haha when i voted for Bill it was it was86% Bill9% Adam3% neither GO BILL! YAY! haha

[VOTE] Do you use Windows XP, or Windows Vista Did you know there are alternatives?

I have Vista and I like it, it's fine for my needs

Taking a vote on jellies ! Vote now !!?

Of the one's you listed - Red Raspberry Jelly, but I really like Spicy Pear Jelly

Vista, anyone know this on replacing the hard drive while running Vista Premium Upgrade?

Call in the man and let him fix it.I would be stumbling around in the dark, if I could explain.