XP or Vista what one is better?

Answer The level of some people's stupidity with Vista still surprises me. Vista is a huge improvement on XP for features and usability. Now Service Pack 1 is out it's definitely a good time to switch. Ye... Read More »

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I have been told to stay away from vista, so from what you know, which is better, vista or xp?

Don't be scared of Vista or the scaremongering put out about Vista - they said the same thing about going from Win 98 to XP.Vista is fine - although I would say - don't upgrade over XP - do a clean... Read More »

What is better Windows XP or Vista?

Vista is fine. Most of the bad comments are all just hype. There is a new Windows operating system coming out soon called Windows 7 so if you actually end up hating Vista you can upgrade to Windows... Read More »

What is better windows XP, Vista or Mac?

Mac is by far the best out there. No bugs or crashes or freezing. Vista is full of bugs and glitches and system crashingXP is okay, but it is not up to date with modern technological advancesWindow... Read More »

Which is better, xp or vista what is the major difference between the two?

In two and a half weeks Windows 7 is coming out, get that.Vista in the 32 bit Home Premium version is extremely solid. With any Vista the OS hogs RAM, which is why you saw the average RAM in a com... Read More »