XP Users: So after all this time, are you sticking with XP or moving over to Vista?

Answer I still use XP. XP is just so streamlined and optimized right now. I get great performance in games/apps/browsing. BUT, When it first came out though, it was plagued with issues.The same is happ... Read More »

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I'm moving across the country and the last time I did this my fridge got moldy. Any hints to prevent this?

wash the fridge out with bleach firsttry to keep the door open as much as possibleput something in the door to keep it open a bit then tie rope around the fridge to keep the door from moving

Windows XP vs Vista, I was looking into buying a new pc and the salesman recommended sticking with XP as...?

Hello,(ANS) NO!! DON'T buy windows Vista. Why? because it requires a new PC with much much higher hardware specifications just to run it. Vista gobbles RAM for breakfast, gobbles as much memory as ... Read More »

I have a New Computer with Window Vista Premium, I get a White Screen after I log-in, what is this ?

DVD has started sticking half way through film, have tried cleaning with CD wipes, still sticking. Any ideas?

If other dvd's play fine then its not your reader on the player. SUggest you take it back to the shop for a refund