XP Service pack 2 messed up my monitor & keyboard settings help?

Answer SP3 (which includes SP2) is necessary. Download and install the driver for your video card.

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My Keyboard Won't Respond When Reinstalling the XP Service Pack CD?

Most of the time, reinstalling the Windows XP Service Pack won't cause any problems with computer hardware, least of all your computer keyboard. Only in rare cases will a keyboard fail while Window... Read More »

UTorrent question. I messed with some settings.?

the bandwidth tab is a very complicated tab, in the wrong hands of a person with a santa hat that's is clearly on to tight could stuff up your settings that may never be able to be fixedjust so hap... Read More »

My monitor colors are messed up please help!?

Just take it back to the store where you bought it. Most all Stores have a 30 day Return policy.

My computer monitor is all messed up help!?

I'd check your video cable connections on both your pc and monitor. My screen started to get all funny colors and after I tightened up the cables everything was fine again.