XFX Installation CD Cracked disk post if you have one for 8200 motherboard black?

Answer I do not believe that you need one which is cracked..

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How to Run a PC Analyzer on a Motherboard for Post?

Quickly determine the reason a computer refuses to boot with a hardware diagnostic card. These cards are designed to read the power-on self test (POST) error codes directly from the motherboard, an... Read More »

Will my Windows XP system recovery disk work even if I change my motherboard?

A Windows XP recovery disk will work on the computer, even if its motherboard has been changed. In fact, performing a major hardware change such as installing a new motherboard usually requires rei... Read More »

System doesn't reach the POST beep. Is the motherboard dead?

try to unplug CMOS battery and after 10minutes plug it back.see wether it work or not.

Questions about MRI (reviewing the video..etc..) any advice, or info on cracked spine/herniated disk 10 pts!?

I'd tell him he has plenty to worry about without adding cancer to the mix. I understand his fear, but the back injury is serious and he should keep his appointment. Tell him to prepare for the app... Read More »