XFX Installation CD Cracked disk post if you have one for 8200 motherboard black?

Answer I do not believe that you need one which is cracked..

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Can you buy an extra CD key for Windows XP if you have the original installation disk?

Product keys for any version of the Microsoft Windows operating system, including Windows XP, are not sold separately from the software. Anyone wishing to obtain another product key for Windows XP ... Read More »

How to Install My HP PSC 1210V All-in-One Printer If I Do Not Have an Installation Disk?

The HP PSC 1210V All-in-One Printer is a scanner, printer and copier in one machine. When you purchase the device, an installation disk containing the HP Printer and Scanner utility is shipped with... Read More »

I need to repair install on Windows 7 but I don't have a installation disk?

you should first make a backup of your operating system, they should have told you this at the shop when you first bought it...goto start menu > accessories > system tools and look for recovery man... Read More »

How to Run a PC Analyzer on a Motherboard for Post?

Quickly determine the reason a computer refuses to boot with a hardware diagnostic card. These cards are designed to read the power-on self test (POST) error codes directly from the motherboard, an... Read More »