X3: Terran Conflict System Requirements?

Answer X3: Terran Conflict is a PC game set in a virtual universe that allows players to take on a number of different roles and complete missions in a conflict-laden environment. The game offers a variet... Read More »

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What is Terran Conflict?

"X3: Terran Conflict" is a video game that German company Egosoft released in 2008. The title is a space-simulator game that uses the Earth's solar system as its setting. "Terran Conflict" is the f... Read More »

"There is an ip address conflict with another system on the network"?

Every device on a network has an IP address so it can communicate with the other devices. The IP address is a bit like a telephone number for computers.When devices on your network connect to the r... Read More »

How do I fix an IP address conflict with another system on my computer Or who should I contact for help?

Every IP must be unique, your machine has the same IP as another on the network.If the Addresses are assigned with DHCP simply click on start/run, type cmdnow type ipconfig /release, then ipconfig ... Read More »

How to Beat the Terran Norad 2 Mission?

Here is a useful guide on how to defeat the Terran Norad 2 mission.Just follow these steps.