'X-Men: Next Dimension' Cheats?

Answer "X-Men Next Dimension" video game came out for the Xbox, PlayStation 2 and Nintendo GameCube in 2002. The game features a total of 24 characters from the X-Men universe that you could choose to fig... Read More »

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What are the dimension of a garden that is 81 square feet and a dimension of 36 feet?

A dimension could be any of several different values: base, height, perimeter, etc. However, if you are given a dimension that is square e.g. 81 square feet it is most likely the area of your gi... Read More »

What is the second dimension?

We all know what the third dimension is because we live in it, but unless your a physicist, the second dimension - and forget the other nine - is rarely ever a topic of conversation. However, there... Read More »

What is a BBC dimension?

The expected date is Summer of 2011.

How is the numark dimension 3?

About $500. Kinda cheap for Pro DJ gear if you ask me.