Question do they really work worth the money?

Answer I loved it when i had hair was always perfect and thats how I grew out my hair and went from very short to now very long hair just make sure to take good care of them and also try to... Read More »

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Are DrDre Beats headphones really worth the money?

If you want it because you want good bass get Skullcandy skull crushers. It all depends what you are going to use it for.

How are refurbished laptops Are they worth the money?

for an extra 250, u can get a brand new one. look into building ur own. ask those who no.

Are michelin energy saver tyres really worth the extra money?

NO. Not when the price is double.It's like motor oil that says: "high mileage engine" oil. What a load of **** THAT is. Motor oil works the same in a low mileage OR high mileage engine. The only di... Read More »

Why are HD-MI cables so expensive. Up to $500. Is it really worth the money. Whats the best kind.?

they are that expensive because the company that sells them prey upon people.HDMI is digital. The price of the cable has ZERO effect on the audio quality. As long as it allows 1's and 0's t flow, t... Read More »